Student Government to host discussion on campus safety and discrimination

Angie Villada

Senate will be hosting the Your Voice: A Discussion on Campus Safety and Administration to let students speak on the controversial events that occurred last semester.
Photo by Natalie Logan

Student Government Senate invites all students to speak at the Your Voice: Campus Safety and Discrimination on Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. Students can come to the Student Union Plaza and speak about the discriminating events that occured last semester.

Last year, students were disturbed by Zack Morse’s racist video and Ken Parker’s Facebook post of himself with a gun.

According to the Senate, some students feel like they were ignored and forgotten by the University. Some also felt the administration’s response was late. Senate described the reason why they are hosting the discussion. 

“The Senate wishes to aid in healing the student body by peacefully acknowledging student trauma and respectfully seeking solutions. In being a student-led discussion, it is the firm assertion of the Senate that an open talk will provide a platform for students to both recognize their own experiences and be listened to by a student organization with the ability to generate meaningful, student-led change.”

The discussion will be split up in two parts. First, students will talk about their experience regarding safety and discrimination. Then, the conversations will shift towards available resources and ideas for change.

“The goal of this town hall–style discourse will be to
provide a safe and meaningful place of discussion for students and to generate actual change that will help the student body as a whole acknowledge, discuss, and heal from the traumatic events,” according to Senate.

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