Crime Prevention: So easy, an Osprey could do it

 Graphic by Kailtyn Sinardi

Graphic by Kailtyn Sinardi

Sam Chaney

Let’s be honest, it can just be so easy to be lazy with your stuff. I mean, you’re only going to the restroom, right? Your stuff should be fine on the table for five minutes. But then you come back and… wait, where is your phone? Why is your wallet not still in your bag?

Small crimes, particularly that of petty theft, occur on campus more often than you might think. Surprisingly, the University of North Florida Police Department (UNFPD) reported that, in 2006, UNF students, faculty and staff were the victims of property crimes totaling over $325,000.

“I think it is as simple as not leaving any property unattended,” said Chief Frank Mackesy of the UNFPD. “Locking all windows and doors to both dorms and vehicles, and not leaving skateboards unattended anywhere on campus.”

Chief Mackesy also emphasized that skateboards should be locked up, particularly at the Osprey Cafe in Bldg. 16, as skateboard thefts have increased over the last semester.

That being said, taking the steps to reduce your chance of being the victim of a small crime is easy. In fact, UNFPD recommends taking the following six small actions to prevent crime on campus:

  • Keep your vehicle doors closed and locked, and make sure your property is stored as securely as possible. Additionally, if your valuables or electronics are being left in your car, lock them in your trunk to keep them secure and out of plain view.
  • Keep a light on in your residence at night. According to UNFPD, effective lighting is still a top deterrent against crime.
  • If you have any anti-theft or burglar alarms, make sure they’re activated.
  • Securely close and lock your door when you leave your residence.
  • Promptly report any loss, theft or damage of your personal property or university property to the UNFPD.
  • Promptly notify the UNFPD of any unusual or suspicious person, vehicle or activity in your area.

If you would like further information or need to report a crime, contact UNFPD at (904) 620-2800

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