Police Beat: Swastika, burglary, and a stolen cell phone

Sam Chaney

Swastika Found In Bathroom
UNFPD was dispatched to Bldg. 45 in response to a report of vandalism in a bathroom on Feb. 28.

According to the police report, a UNF staff member called UNFPD upon finding a Swastika scratched into the paint of a stall in the men’s restroom.

The report states that the Swastika appears to have been modified by having the ends enclosed in what may have been an attempt to make it look like a kite or a box with a stick figure holding a string.

Above the Swastika the letters “KEK” were reportedly found inside of a circle with a line drawn through it. The report states the first letter “K” is backwards.

It is reportedly unknown how long the Swastika has been there and no suspects or witnesses have been identified.

On March 5 UNFPD responded to a reported burglary in room 1203 of Bldg. 15.

The police report states that, upon coming to clean the room, the complainant noticed the glass to the front door had been broken, and the back door was left ajar. The room contains multiple desktop computers, though reportedly none were disturbed.

According to the police report, the damaged door leads to three classrooms. The complainant told officials the door had been secured when he entered to clean the room that morning, and the last time he reportedly saw the door undamaged was on March 2.

Officials reported that an unknown object was used to break the glass door, but the hole in the glass was large enough the suspect(s) could access the room by reaching in and unlocking the door to gain entry.

The police report states that various professors use the classroom, and it is unknown if anything is missing at this time. The damage to the glass is reportedly the only disturbance to the room currently known.

Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Stolen Cell
A student met with officials of the UNFPD on March 6 to report a possibly stolen cell phone, driver’s license and UNF student ID.

According to the student, she had been attending the MCAT prep class in Bldg. 43 when she left to use the restroom. Upon returning, her cell phone was reportedly missing from the desk she had been seated at.

UNFPD and the student reportedly attempted to use a phone locator application to find it, but was unsuccessful in locating evidence at the address provided in the application.

The report describes the phone as a yellow Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a white case and small wrist lanyard that held her driver’s license and student ID.

The case has been suspended due to lack of suspect information.