‘The Squawk’: Spinnaker’s new comedy podcast

Pierce Turner, Features Editor

Before humans developed sight, they heard sound: one of the most popular kinds of noise. Finally, after millions of years of evolution, we have perfected sound in the form of a podcast. That podcast is The Squawk.

The Squawk is “a serious show about serious topics” where three guys (sometimes two, sometimes none) are given expensive microphones to talk about their lives. Sometimes those conversations include Winston Churchill impressions. Sometimes they’re about what what we would do on a date; all of us on a date with one lucky lady.

If that sounds like a good time, check it out on https://soundcloud.com/squawkpodcast. Above is an episode where we have two special guests: a pirate and his 10-year-old son. Warning: there are swear words and talks about potty times in this show.

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