Softball team signs eight-year-old

Hunter Horstman

Khorri Newton

The UNF Softball team signed eight-year-old Olivia Karstens earlier this semester, who has battled and won against a brain tumor that was cancerous. Community outreach is very important to the team every season.

“Everyone on the team is truly blessed getting to do something they love while getting an education.  Giving back to the community is very important,” Higgs said. The Jaclyn Foundation sends children with brain tumors to college teams to be a part of the team.

Coach Marcie Higgs talked to the Spinnaker about Olivia’s impact on the team. “She brings a lot of energy and positive vibes to our team and really makes a difference.” Higgs said. “We love having her around”.  

Coach Higgs explained that they hope to have Olivia around for years to come, the team is 100 percent invested into her.   The Ospreys signing Olivia Karstens has been a positive experience on both ends.

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