Adult content allowed back on campus

Alex Toth, Features Editor

At the start of December, UNF blocked access to websites featuring adult content on the school Wi-Fi. This ban included not only sites with pornographic content, but also comedy and entertainment websites such as CollegeHumor. Over the winter break, this ban was removed, and all of the affected websites have now been unblocked.

When the school initially blocked these websites, their statement was that the blocked content was the result of a new firewall meant to “improve network security and stability.” The school claimed that these sites were a “known path for malware” and the new firewall added the capability to “remove that volume of traffic from the campus network, which was competing with the primary educational mission of the University.”

The school released a special Osprey Update on Dec. 20, where they stated that “all users at the University of North Florida have full access on the network.”

Following this statement, all sites that had previously been blocked over the school’s Wi-Fi were made available again.

As of now, the school has not given a statement as to why they changed their policy on adult content, or whether the content will remain unblocked in the future. If this changes, this article will be updated.

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