Paint job and Title IX revisions passes in SG Senate meeting

Alex Del Dago, Student Government Reporter

In a busy day on the Student Union third floor Friday afternoon, Student Government Senate had a lot on their agenda, including Title IX changes and resolutions to the bill for repainting the third-floor walls.

Before the meeting at 1 p.m., Student Body Treasurer Julia McComb gave her report on the budget proposal for the 2019-2020 fiscal year to the Budget & Allocations Committee. The committee unanimously approved it, pushing it to the general Senate floor to be voted on Feb. 8. A public forum will take place on the evening of Feb. 6 to discuss the budget proposal before being voted on two days later.

Following McComb’s report on this budget proposal, Student Body President Jenna DuPilka asked McComb how the Student Union budget is spent for the fiscal year. McComb and adviser Dawn Knipe defended the Student Union budget as “only being used for big-scale projects.”

In the B&A report, chairman Camden Dean officially announced his resignation. Leaving with a standing ovation, Dean will continue being a senator, but no longer serving as chair of the B&A committee. Senate President Thomas Pluchon will now launch a search to fill in the B&A Chair position.

Following these announcements and reports, Student Advocate Madison Brantley gave Student Body Vice President Maria Bermudez’s presentation on changes and revisions to Title IX. Bermudez was in Columbia at the time and Brantley had to give the presentation alone. Following this presentation, the Senators and Brantley went over the formality and grammar of the bill and unanimously approved it, 28-0-0.

Next on the agenda was the third-floor painting bill. SG Project Manager Kylie Feierstein further explained her previous presentation by including that the bill would equal out to only $1.54 per square foot. Feierstein also included statements from Spinnaker’s previous article, such as she fund raised no money prior to putting in the special request and that other floors of the Student Union were also in need of new paint. Feierstein stated that she included pieces of the article in her presentation to “clear up confusion” and tell the senators why it wasn’t true. The Senators asked questions about the length, time period, and appearance of the paint job before discussing. Following the discussion, the senators voted the bill through 27-0-1. Senator Michael Hurley was the only one who opposed. Spinnaker has yet to receive comment from Hurley on why he opposed the motion.

Among other things, Ryan See was officially confirmed into the Senate as a new Senator and another special request passed for the club Spoon University. The club will be hosting a food truck event on March 1.

The next general Senate meeting will take place Feb. 8 at 1 p.m.

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