Sitting down with David Szymanski before the Inauguration

Lianna Norman, News Editor


President David Szymanski’s initiatives that he has placed throughout UNF campus have affected student life in many ways, some more direct than others. Whether students are frustrated with the lack of tailgating due to the new alcohol policy, or are benefitting from Szymanski’s focus on mental health and student well being, his first year with our small university has been anything but dull.

In an interview with Spinnaker, the newly-inaugurated president defended his swift changes to campus life by saying that it’s all in the name of student wellness.

“The other focus we have as a university and a state system is around student well-being,” Szymanski explained. “It’s about making sure our students are happy, are healthy and are doing the right things.”

From alcohol permissions to focusing on university metrics scores, the new president has made it clear that he believes UNF is the best university in the country and will work to elevate the value of a degree from our small campus.


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