Police Beat: A cat fight, dating violence and felony amounts of marijuana

Heydi Ortiz, Police Reporter

Cat fight

On Feb. 23, UNFPD responded to a call near UNF drive and Alumni drive about a physical altercation between two females. According to the report the altercation started because one of the females prevented the other from driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

The report goes on to say, the two females were not students at UNF but were from Decatur, Georgia and had rented a hotel near the university. Police say visible injuries included scratches, bite marks and a swollen eye.

The report says neither party wanted to pursue charges or seek medical assistance.

Dating violence

UNFPD responded to a wellness check call on Feb. 18 at The Fountains about an unknown complainant who stated she wanted the campus police to check on her coworker who had gone home due to a personal issue.

According the police report, the officer called the subject’s mother to confirm her location. Her mother told police the subjects boyfriend had been arrested for dating violence and that she was scared because he had been able to gain access to the subjects room even though the doors were locked.

The police report then goes on to say that the mother felt other students were letting people who were not residing in the dorms into the building and was fearful that he might return. Police assured the mother that they would send out an email, as well as create flyers advising students to refrain from letting non-residents into the dorms.

Police advised that the subject get a restraining order against her boyfriend and told both her and her roommates to contact UPD if he was seen on campus again.

What’s that smell?

On Feb.13, UNFPD said they responded to a call in The Landing about marijuana fumes coming from a room.

The police report says drugs were present and the student admitted they were his. The report goes on to say upon entering the room, police found marijuana buds, a shaker and money on the desk belonging to the student as well as a black box on a bed which he attempted to close and lock.
The box contained 83.6 grams of marijuana. According to the report the student was arrested for the possession of over 20 grams of marijuana, tampering with evidence and was referred to Student Conduct.


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