UNFPD responds to battery call in Crossings

Heydi Ortiz, Police reporter

On April 11, UNF police responded to a battery call in Crossings, Bldg. S. According to the police report, the victim and the suspect began arguing over the smelly food in the trash can that he had thrown away.

The suspect and her roommate then stepped outside to talk. The report says the victim came out and began arguing with the suspect. Racial slurs and curse words were exchanged when the suspected said “Well, I’m dippin,” to which the victim responded “You better dip!”

The incident report says that following this exchange, the victim was standing in front of and blocking the doorway to the building. The suspect advised her that he was allowed to enter his building and attempted to get past her. The suspect’s shoulder allegedly came into contact with the victim and she fell back into the door. They entered the building and continued to argue until R.A.s arrived to try and calm the situation.

The victim told police that as the suspect attempted to get into the building, he shouldered her in the chest and it knocked her back into the door frame. The victim said she was not trying to block the doorway and that he could have easily gone around her.

But according to the report, the suspect said his forearm touched her and that she then jumped back and hit the door. The report says he stated that he did not touch her very hard, denied hitting or pushing her and claimed he was just simply trying to get by the victim.

The victim’s roommate stated that the suspect attempted to “walk past” the victim when his body “touched” hers. The report says she stated that she did not feel he did it on purpose.

According to the incident report, the victim showed the officer cell phone photos of a large area of redness on her back.

Rescue responded and treated the victim. All parties involved wrote statements. The victim requested the suspect be held if arrested, was given a State Attorney’s card and instructed on how to file charges.


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