Out with the old and in with the new SG Legislative Cabinet

Alex Del Dago, Government Reporter

It was another day of transition in UNF’s Student Government, as Friday, April 19 marked the official last day of the current Legislative cabinet and the voting in of the new Legislative cabinet.

Senate President Pluchon, Senate President Pro Tempore Vargas and the committee chairs gave their last reports for the semester, said their farewells and wished the next cabinet nothing but the best.

The candidates for the new legislative cabinet were:

Senate President: Thatcher Hart (uncontested)

Office of the Senate President Pro Tempore: Senator Materazzi (uncontested)

Budget & Allocations Committee Chair: Senators Smith & Kampouroglou

University & Student Affairs Committee Chair: Senators Dougherty & Selin

Government Oversight Committee Chair: Senator Simmons & Ballard

Senator Tasker, one of the candidates that ran for Pro Tempore, surprisingly resigned via email before the meeting took place today, making Senator Materazzi uncontested for the position.

As a result, Senator Hart & Materazzi were automatically acclimated as Senate President & Pro Tempore.

For the Budget & Allocations Committee chair, Senators Smith & Kampouroglou each gave a speech as to why they would be best for the position, and in the end, Senator Smith (incumbent) won 23-7.

For University and Student Affairs Committee chair, Senators Dougherty & Selin also gave speeches, with Senator Dougherty coming out on top, 27-3.

Lastly was Senators Simmons & Ballard who faced off for Government Oversight chair. Senator Ballard won the votes 26-4.

After elections took place, the new legislative cabinet officers were sworn in and the passing of the gavel from former Senate President Pluchon to new Senate President Hart occurred.

The new legislative cabinet has already begun the paperwork and steps needed, and will be working throughout the summer semester to train and get comfortable in their new roles.


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