There’s a shortage on what?

Heydi Ortiz, Managing Editor

There may not be any laws when you’re drinking Claws but there are some flaws. First it was Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich and now it’s one of the most recent, popular alcoholic drinks in America. Yes, fraternities and college kids alike you drank White Claws dry. 

According to CNN White Claw’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sanjiv Gajiwala, people are throwing White Claws down the hatch faster than the company can actually make them. No worries though, apparently the company is trying hard to keep up with the demands for a seltzer with a gluten-free alcohol base meant for those who want to have fun and stay hydrated.

But some insist it’s just a marketing ploy to get people to buy and hoard White Claws.

Of course, if there is a shortage there are plenty of other hard seltzers like Truly’s to choose from but can they live up to the recent craze of the White Claw? Only time will tell.


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