The battle of the “ITs”

Breanna Cataldo, Features Editor

After rewatching the original “IT”, released in 1990, I brought it upon myself to see the latest, “IT Chapter Two”.

Of course after seeing two “IT” movies in less than 24 hours, I need to analyze and compare them.

So, to start it off, let’s discuss the original. The original is definitely less comedic, has more of a creepy sensation (in the beginning at least) and seems a little more authentic. The newest IT movies have seemed to be more comedic than scary, in my opinion. I think that the original did a better job of displaying the true essence of IT, but only in the beginning.

The end of the original is somewhat questionable to me. I feel that more time was spent on character development, and less on the scene where they defeat IT as adults. Maybe I am just unhappy with the fact that Pennywise turned out to be some large spider.

Obviously, “IT Chapter Two” had better graphics. I can’t really use that as a point against the original, but I can say that it made the newest movie more enjoyable to an extent.

“IT Chapter Two” also had quite a bit of jump scares. Personally, I find that true creepiness is more scary than something popping up on a screen, so there’s a bonus point for the original. On the other hand, Pennywise looks creepier in “It Chapter Two”, and don’t even get me started on the naked old lady who insists on offering Bev some tea.

The newest movie had scarier (and way more twisted) tricks that the clown would play on the children. Dead baby heads on spiders, a naked old lady who turns into some zombie and whatever it was that tried to kill Eddie’s mother were all beyond the people you see in your nightmares.

The comedy aspect does set off the authenticity of “IT Chapter Two”, but it also adds a light hearted approach. Not to mention, the movie doesn’t feel nearly as long, since it was split into two parts.

Now, for the big fight scene where Pennywise gets defeated. I must say, it was more appealing than the original. IT did eventually become a large spider, but a much larger spider…With the clowns’ head still attached. We also lost someone in this scene, and I always appreciate when a sad touch is added to the end of a movie.

After analyzing and comparing the “IT” series, I sadly realized that I enjoy the new films more. I’ve never been one to turn my back on an original, but I give the original a seven out of ten, and the newest an eight.


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