Police beat: a lost wallet containing drugs, roommate troubles, and a stolen license plate

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

A misplaced wallet found containing 2 grams of cocaine

On Sep. 16, the Osprey Shuttle supervisor turned in a wallet to UNFPD.

The wallet was black and upon opening the wallet to try to identify the owner, three small baggies of white powder were found inside. The white powder was tested and found to be cocaine. All together the three baggies weighed out to be 2.00 grams.

The baggies were then turned in to JSO while the other contents of the wallet are being held by UNFPD.

Beware of people approaching you on campus

On Sep. 12, a student who had attended a club festival on campus was approached by someone. She said after she left the amphitheatre area, she walked past the library. At this point, an African American female approached her. The complainant said she didn’t remember her name, but that she was wearing a black and white striped shirt and black pants and looked to be 20-30 years old.

 The approacher told the complainant she was part of a Bible club on campus and continued to ask for the complainant’s contact information in order to do a one-on-one Bible study with her. At this point, the complainant said she felt uncomfortable and started to walk away. However, the approacher made it hard for the complainant to walk away because she kept following her closely, continuing to talk to her. Eventually, the complainant was able to walk away and call UNFPD roughly 20 minutes after the incident. 

The complainant said she had previously read online about people being kidnapped for sex trafficking after being approached by someone saying they wanted to have a one-on-one Bible study. While nothing actually came of this particular incident, she thought the police should know just for the sake of safety. 

Roommate issues

On Sep. 13, a UNFPD officer met with two residents in reference to a threat received from their third roommate. 

The first resident had been having issues with the third roommate since they first moved in back in Aug., but the situation had recently escalated after leaving school and returning due to hurricane Dorian. 

She and the second complainant were both accused of taking a box of chocolate owned by the third roommate. The two accused received a text message from the accuser saying, “I’m not going to point fingers, but don’t ever come at me again, you don’t know where I’m from.” She continued, “Going to go ghetto and go from 0-100 real quick.”

After meeting with the first complainant, the officer met with the second who said she had heard the accuser talking on the phone about the missing chocolate. The accused heard the accuser say “These b*tches are dirty as f*ck. They clearly don’t want to fight me.” She then continued to say she would beat their ass. However, the accuser didn’t mention the name of either of the other two residents, according to the second interviewed complainant.

Finally, the officer met with the accuser who stated she had no issues with her roommates whatsoever. She confirmed the chocolate was missing, however she did shed a little more light on the situation, explaining she was selling the chocolate for her dance team. 

The officer asked about the text messages sent to the other residents. The accuser showed the messages to the officer who said they were the same as the messages shown by the first complainant.

The officer then questioned her about the conversation she had on the phone. She explained that she had only said those things about the other two residents because she had seen the second resident recording her before, so she wanted to see if she’d do it again. Furthermore, the accuser said she had contacted housing about the recording incident and they were taking care of it.

After meeting with all three residents, the officer met with an RLC and briefed her about the situation. The RLC said she would move the two threatened roommates to a safe room until the situation resolves. 

Yet another stolen license plate

On Sep. 17, a UNFPD officer was dispatched to garage 38 in reference to a stolen motorcycle tag.

The officer met with the victim who said he had parked his motorcycle in the garage earlier that morning. When he returned in the afternoon, he noticed a parking services ticket which said “no tag” on his bike. At the same time he also noticed his tag was missing.

There was no video surveillance of the area and additionally, due to the transient nature of the garage, the area was not searched.


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