Missed Battle of the Bands? Here’s a recap

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

This article was updated October 21, 2019 at 11:37 a.m. 

Jason Tidman, also known as “Tiddy,” a Jax-based DJ, won this year’s Battle of the Bands this past Friday night and will be the first performer at next year’s Oz Fest. 

While he was the last to perform, he certainly didn’t have the least amount of votes. Tiddy started off his performance by asking the audience to stand up and walk up to the front, right below the stage. His first song was an upbeat remix of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” mashed up with other various songs, and the audience loved it. Out of all the performers, Tiddy definitely captured the audience’s attention the most, and perhaps this is what won him the majority of the votes.

Tiddy, winner of Battle of the Bands. Photo by Romario.

Besides Tiddy, there were several other very talented groups and solo performers who played at the Battle of the Bands. First to take the stage was Sidecreek, a Jax-based alternative rock band that started the night off with some original songs from their EP “67.”

Next to take the stage was a solo artist named Camille who started her performance off by performing a cover of Bruno Mars’s “Just the Way You Are.” Camille is a local artist who plays covers of songs, as well as writes some of her own. She ended her performance by playing one of her originals.

Third to take the stage was a Jax-based baroque indie band named the Citrus Trees. They performed all original songs and had a very unique, chill and laid back sound in comparison to the other bands that played.

After Citrus Trees was a solo artist who goes by the name “Trash Boy.” Trash Boy is a local artist who creates music on his laptop and plays along with his electric guitar when performing. His performance was very creative and very different from anyone else who performed at the contest. He had very high energy, running around on and off the stage, while he played a lot of tasteful guitar licks.

Another solo artist, Peyton, backed up by her band, gave an extremely passionate performance starting off with a cover of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.” Peyton is a Jacksonville singer/songwriter who has a notable vocal range. She came close to Trash Boy when it comes to stage energy as she was dancing around the stage while singing at the same time, displaying a remarkable amount of talent.

Peyton performing at Battle of the Bands. Photo by Romario.

Overall, the Battle of the Bands was a great night outside listening to great music and enjoying free food, and if you didn’t attend, you should definitely at least consider going to Oz Fest next year, as well as possible future Battle of the Bands events put on by Osprey Production. 


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