Its time to upgrade your phone: Samsung unvails their new lineup

Erik Feliciano, General Assignment Reporter

Earlier this week Samsung unveiled their new lineup of smart phones, so if you’ve been holding off from getting a new phone, now may be the time. 

The smart phones revealed at the event included the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.

The Galaxy Z Flip puts a twist on flip phones by making the entirety of the screen a touch screen with ultrathin foldable glass, that is claimed to be able to bend up to 200,000 times. The folding feature allows for a more compact design. The Galaxy Z Flip goes on sale February 14, retailing at $1,380. While the phone uses technology from the current generation of smartphones, the gimmicks that it has is a look into the future of what smartphones could be.

While the three variations of the Galaxy S20 dont have the ability to fold, they have a few other tricks that make it a worthwhile purchase. The S20’s have the capability of recording video and taking pictures at 8k. The phones also take advantage of 5G which allows for hyperFast speeds. Prices start for the S20 at $999, the S20+ at $1199 and the S20 Ultra at $1399.


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