A new way for college students to share and listen to music

Erik Feliciano, General Assignment Reporter

Streaming music has become a very popular way to listen to music. If you’re a UNF student who’s looking to showcase your music or are interested in discovering local artists who are also students, look no further than Quadio. Quadio is a social media music platform college students can now use to get their music out to a wider audience.

“What if discovering the next big thing became the next big thing to do? With the ability to discover music by location – down to your college community – Quadio lets you find the next big hit, and it may have been made down the hall. Grow your audience, using the power of the people around you. Get your music heard by your community. Let it launch you to national audiences. Make music.Make friends.Finding local artists to collaborate with can be hard. With Quadio, not anymore.”-Quadio Key Messaging

For artists, Quadio allows for the music you make to be instantly added to your schools discovery page, allowing for exposure to everyone on your campus. 

So how does this music platform differentiate itself from others? As more people on your campus listen to your music, it rises from the universities chart to the states chart, and then to the national chart. This allows for exposure on a grand scale.

As for the listeners, it offers a new way to listen to music, a new way to find out who’s creative on campus, as well as express school pride and influencing other students by showing them great music.

So if you want to get your name out there and want the world to hear what you’re made of, give Quadio a shot.

“It’s basically like Spotify and soundCloud made just for college students,” said Emma Finnegan, brand ambassador for Quadio.

Currently, Quadio is going through an invite only artist beta. To gain access you can use code zyyq67 courtesy of Emma Finnegan. 

A full nation wide release is scheduled for the end of February at 3000 colleges.

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