Correction: Graduation Information

Courtney Green, News Editor

Today is the deadline to apply for graduation, and Spinnaker wants to make sure there isn’t any confusion surrounding the big day.

Spinnaker spoke to Colin McKinney, the Records and Registration Coordinator for commencement at UNF, to clear up and clarify information pertaining to graduation.


Students will receive seven tickets for guests. Applying late for graduation will not result in a student being allotted fewer tickets for guests.

“Even those that apply late still receive the same allotment as everybody else. The only time we would change the allotment is if there was a change in the participation rate of those who decide to walk in the ceremony. If for some reason we had a large influx, that is when that amount may be altered in any way. We don’t at this time see any reason to alter that now,” McKinney said.

If seven tickets is not enough for the number of guests who will be attending a student’s special day, those who apply before the deadline will be entered into a randomly-selected raffle to get two additional tickets.

There is no waitlist, as previously reported.

“This is the only way that the University offers additional tickets at the moment. However, what I encourage others to do is, if they know someone who is not using their full allotment, and they are in the same ceremony, then they can share tickets.”

Tickets are not transferable, meaning you cannot use a 9 a.m. ticket for the 12:30 p.m. ceremony.

During distribution week, however, there may be a chance to pick up extra tickets. McKinney explained that some tickets go unclaimed sometimes, and at that point he posts to UNF’s commencement page on Facebook to distribute more tickets to students who need them. However, this may not happen until the day before the ceremony.

What graduates need to know

Apply before the deadline, which is today!

“This eliminates the worry of whether your application is completed or now,” McKinney said. “Each graduate should receive an prompted, automatic email giving them confirmation that they actually did apply. Anybody who is close to or should be graduating should have received a reminder to apply if they haven’t already. The next step is to constantly monitor your MyWings email.”

From Monday, March 9 to April 3, students should look for an email letting them know if they were pre-certified approved or denied graduation. Being pre-certified approved is what allows students to walk in the ceremony.

If you were denied, contact your advisor.

More emails will also roll out with information for graduating students. On the day of graduation, check-in will be in the Field House. Doors will open an hour and a half before for check-in. That is when students will receive their name card. If for any reason your name does not appear on the list for those walking, staff will be available for troubleshooting.

What if I’m having trouble applying?

“When we come across complications for applying for graduation, it could encompass a number of things,” McKinney explained. “The first step is to contact your academic advisor. If for some reason the advisor is unable to apply for them, the advisor should contact me directly and we can walk through the process.”

Students will still get seven tickets even if they are applying late.

“We want students to apply as early as possible but we understand things are pushed back for whatever reason. No matter when they apply before commencement, they will receive the same number of tickets as any other student.”

Cap, gown, regalia

March 20 is the pre-order deadline for the regalia items. 

Students can order in the UNF Bookstore or they can go through the commencement website. The deadline offers them a discounted rate. After March 20, it will be the regular retail price.

Students will receive their caps and gowns the week of commencement: April 27 to April 30. Students can pick up their items from the time the Bookstore opens to when they close each of those days.

Graduation Celebration

On March 11, there will be a Graduation Celebration event at the UNF Bookstore from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and then again on March 12 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“This really kind of sets the tone for making sure people have their applications and have their regalia ordered and don’t have any questions about that.”

At the Graduation Celebration, McKinney will distribute flyers for Grad Images, the company that takes all of the professional graduation photos of students at the ceremony.

Herff Jones, the vendor for UNF’s caps and gowns and class rings, will have a representative on-site at the event as well for students with questions.

For guests: balloons, water bottles, children

UPD has a list of items that are restricted in the arena during graduation for the comfort of other guests. Some popular ones include balloons and water bottles.

Should your guests bring balloons, there will be a desk in the lobby to leave them at. If there is concern among your guests that the balloons may be lost with everyone else’s, it may be better to leave them in the car.

“The less that a spectator or guest brings in, the better, and the faster the security process will take. They will be doing bag checks, walking through metal detectors, wanding process.”

Children over the age of 3 will need a ticket.

“Anyone that is 2 years or younger could be accommodated by a ‘lap ticket’,” McKinney said. “However, if someone is bringing a car-seat or carrier for the child, that would technically require a ticket because that seat is going to take up a seat inside the arena.”


The primary parking area will be Lot 18. A shuttle will run from Lot 18 to the arena; the shuttles will be handicap accessible.

How to keep up with grad info as it comes out

Monitor your email on MyWings.

Additionally, follow UNF Graduation on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for updates. If additional tickets become available, that is where the information will be posted.

After graduation

You thought you were done and out of here, didn’t you? Well, not if you don’t update your mailing address.

“We encourage students to update their mailing address through MyWings because whatever is labeled as the mailing address is where their diploma will go.”

It can take up to seven weeks for students to get their diploma in the mail. It will take even longer if you don’t update your address.

If you have questions or concerns about commencement, you can reach out to McKinney at 904-620-2537 or by emailing [email protected].

For more information or news tips, or if you see an error in this story or have any compliments or concerns, contact [email protected].