Environmental club promotes reduction of single-use plastic with creative signs

Darvin Nelson, Features Editor

The Environmental Advocacy Reach (EAR) placed signs promoting the reduction of single-use plastic around campus. The signs were made from cardboard and plastic materials and display messages about the environment. 

Photo by: Darvin Nelson.

Spinnaker asked  about the creative process behind the signs and how students reacted. Club Director of EAR, Emma Sheridan, responded: 

“With each sign the Environmental Advocacy Reach crested, a different message was intended and thus a different reaction hoped for. In Starbucks, where a sign was hung about the impact of plastic cups generated, EAR’s goal was for students to pause and take in the information they were presented with and act on it. We hoped students would switch to reusable cups or make coffee at home, or in their dorm. ”

“In front of the cafeteria, where a sign was hung about plastic water bottle use, students were intended to switch from plastic to reusable bottles. Plastic water bottles are a serious problem that at this point many students are aware of. EAR intends to increase that awareness.”

Photo by: Darvin Nelson.

“Another banner was placed in an area where many students placed cigarettes. The banner was against cigarettes, specifically the butts. Cigarette butts don’t break down and many small animals eat them, yet many students continue to litter these harmful butts. EAR wants students to pause and think about their actions, to think ‘but, maybe I shouldn’t litter butts.’”

“One student personally reached out and told me he agreed with the signs students created. He appreciated the fact signs were created from litter found on campus and the irony of that. He said that he wasn’t aware of how many plastic water bottles were littered daily and said that he would be switching to a reusable water bottle. That’s exactly what EAR intended for students.” 



Photo by: Darvin Nelson.
Photo by: Darvin Nelson.

“Another student said they hope to see more signs and that they’re excited for more sustainability awareness events to come.” 

Students came together of all majors and classes to work side by side creating sustainability awareness posters out of discarded boxes from Starbucks says Sheridan the litter taped on the boxes was found all over the campus.

EAR has three main objectives:

1.) Increase awareness of single-use plastic issues and eliminate plastic water bottle use on campus. 

2.) Hold at least 3 successful student run projects spring semester 2020.

3.) Collaborate with one organization, such as Beach Clean up Jax, and get many UNF students to take part in environmental projects. 

Photo by: Darvin Nelson

EAR’s next project is building an igloo out of plastic water bottles which students will be able to enter on the green. This igloo will display facts about plastic use and sustainability.

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