Police beat: D&D, a soap dispenser was dispensed of, and a violent threat

Courtney Green, News Editor

D&D ends with a hospital visit

Drunk & Disorderly, that is. A man had a little too much to drink and found himself at Shands hospital.

Glass of whiskey.

On February 27, three UPD officers were dispatched to Building 6 in reference to an intoxicated employee who was “acting crazy.”

According to the report, UPD officers arrived and spoke with the complainant, who alleged that the suspect was scheduled to work that night and showed up “acting crazy” and “intoxicated.” Officers then tried to speak with the suspect, whose breath reportedly “had a strong odor of alcohol.”

According to the report, the suspect cursed at the responding officers and other employees. UPD offered ways to get the individual home, but the suspect refused and continued to make threatening gestures at the officers. Eventually, the suspect raised a hand at an officer, saying, “F*** you, you don’t know where I come from.”

The officers then took the suspect to the ground and forcibly handcuffed them, carrying them out of the building. When they arrived at the jail, the suspect could not walk because of their level of intoxication, so the arresting officer transported the suspect to Shands hospital, where they were absentee booked.

The time a soap dispenser was dispensed of

It’s a losing battle in the effort to stop the spread of coronavirus: a soap dispenser has fallen.

On March 4, an officer was dispatched in response to criminal mischief enacted upon a soap dispenser.

The damaged soap dispenser in question was located on the first floor of Building 45. The suspect(s) also smeared soap on the mirror, walls, and floor of the restroom. 

There was no video surveillance of the area and search efforts were suspended. The soap dispenser was collected as evidence.

Argument escalates to threat of bodily harm

A squabble among roommates ended in threats and separation.

On February 24, an officer responded to a call at Osprey Crossings from one of three roommates who alleged they were threatened with bodily harm by another roommate in their dorm back in Osprey Cove.

According to the report, the complainant told the officer that a dispute occurred between him and another roommate over gender rights and orientations. The suspect then told the complainant that he would “slit his throat.” The complainant thought there were knives on the premise, though he did not see one, and fled to Osprey Crossings for safety.

However, when the officer spoke with the third roommate — a witness to the incident — he claimed that the complainant pushed the dispute to the point of frustrating the suspect. Likewise, the suspect told officers the issue was pushed so far that “he finally lost his composure.”

The suspect did have a knife in his truck, according to the report. No weapon was displayed during the dispute or threat to the complainant.

The complainant was transferred to a safe room and told officers that he wanted to pursue the incident further through law enforcement.

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