Creating Real Color: Part 3, yellow

Carissa Marques, Contributing Writer

I feel as if creativity is not limited to the visual and performing arts, but can be seen throughout everyday life. Some people just remind me of a specific color, partially if their personality matches it, or even if they wear it often. When I was thinking of the person to choose to interview for the color yellow, I immediately thought of one of my teachers from high school, Ineitza Stromak. Not only was yellow her favorite color, but she has the most friendly and welcoming personality that matches it. Working at an arts high school, she would always say how she was not as creative as her students, but I saw her creativity throughout her classroom, how she approached lectures and formatted assignments. She always paid attention to the fine details and made sure to teach her students to do the same. 

Question 1 – What emotions does the color yellow evoke for you? 

Answer – My color brings me happiness. I feel joyful wearing my color or even just looking at it. Many of the yellow things I have have been given to me by my three daughters, so the color also makes my heart full of love. 

Question 2 – What do you think of when you see yellow? 

Answer – I think of love and my grandmother because it was her favorite color. I think of happy faces, good weather, nice times and tranquility. I think of just being happy and positive. 

Question 3 – What song reminds you of yellow? 

Answer – “You Are My Sunshine” and Shakira has a song named “Amarillo”. The song “Calma” by Pedro Capo reminds me of what the color yellow means to me. It talks about being at peace, at the beach, dancing, breathing fresh air, feeling happy and relaxed. 

Question 4 – How do you create? 

Answer – I create opportunities to show people I care when I am able to. For example, I create meals for my family. Sometimes I make things with pancakes or other breakfast items. For my girls’ birthdays, I always make them their breakfast in the number that they are turning, so if I am making French toast or pancakes or even an omelet, I cut it in the shape of their birthday number. Sometimes when I am making oatmeal, I take an index card and cut out a heart or some shape and use it to stencil something with cinnamon. I am sometimes creative in my classroom. I used to be more and I made up games and activities for my students. I am creative at Christmas and always make some kind of game or scavenger hunt for my girls to find their gifts. I create with my heart! I put my heart into what I do and then it just happens. It’s natural. 

Question 5 – What role does creativity play in your life? 

Answer – Well, I say I am not creative, but sometimes I come up with some pretty cool ideas. I think that creativity helps me break the routine, not live a boring life. It makes things more exciting, and it helps me show love and care. 

Question 6 – Who or what or where are some of your inspirations?  

Answer – My girls! My girls are my inspiration, mi motor, my “engine”, what keeps me going. My students are very important to me, and they inspire me, especially Charter [Indian River Charter High School] students who amaze me so much with their creativity. Traveling inspires me. Cultures, people, nature, family, life in general inspires me and motivates me. 

I hope this interview with Sra. Stromak inspired you. I think it shows the different ways that creativity can be found throughout everyday life. May this serve as a reminder to reach out to the people that remind you of sunshine in your life. It’s important to keep spreading the light during times like these. On a bit of a reflective note, it was in her class that I made it my goal to go to UNF and work for Spinnaker. You can see the picture attached of the goal setting chart she assigned. It was part of the grade to make it look pretty and use color, a perfect example of how she includes creativity in her life. Next week, there will be an interview with UNF senior, Sarah Ramos. Click here to read last week’s interview on the color orange with Meg Cabras. 

Photos courtesy of Ineitza Stromak & Carissa Marques 


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