Spoiler-free “Tenet” review

Aloe Suarez, Reporter

Forget all that the Marvel Cinematic Universe taught you about time travel because Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” lives in “a Twilight world.” 

Hollywood’s rising star John David Washington plays the ambiguously named Protagonist who ventures on an assignment to prevent the foreseeable World War III. Not everything is as it seems with the involvement of different personas all grappling for the cryptic device that bends time itself.

Photo courtesy of IMDb

“Tenet” has Nolan’s name stamped all over it with its jampacked action and “Inception”-esque, physics-defying storyline that will require viewers to rewatch the whole film more than once.

Do note that the dialogue is hard to hear—to the point where viewers may wish for subtitles. The phenomenal actors’ voices are muffled behind the scenes’ background noise. A bizarre, filmatic tendency Nolan has incorporated since “The Dark Knight” days.  

It’s a good movie, no doubt about it. Just know that Nolan fans would put “Inception” over ”Tenet” any day in regards to the quality of the story. The characters in “Tenet”  are lacking depth, but that’s how Nolan designed them to be. 

But man, Nolan decided to up the ante with the choreography of his fight scenes. He set some goals, and viewers and critics alike can agree he accomplished them.

I would give it a solid four out of five sails. Find it at an open theater near you, or wait it out for safety. For being away from the movies for so long, it’s a great welcome back.


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