University responds to S.D.S. list of demands


UNF SDS at protest in D.C. Courtesy of Michela Martinazzi

Darvin Nelson, News Editor

Earlier this week, S.D.S. posted a list of demands for the UNF administration.

The University responded:

“I appreciate your call of accountability and desire for a better campus for all students,” stated UNF Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Whitney Meyer. “The University of North Florida has been working and will continue to work to increase the number of underrepresented students, faculty and staff so that it more closely mirrors that of the northeast Florida area. We know this is critical to the strength, success and intellectual personality of the University.”

According to Vice president Meyer, the Commission on Diversity & Inclusion (C.O.D.I.) is working with units across campus to draft UNF’s “Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence.” The plan is expected to address all five of the items presented on the S.D.S. list. 

The goals have been written (Phase 1) and they are drafting and refining the implementation timeline. They are also identifying responsible units for each item in the plan (Phase 2).

Here are the goals for UNF’s Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence:

1.) “Improve recruitment of students and employees from underrepresented communities (to better align with that of the Northeast Florida community).”

2.) “Create an inclusive university climate to support the retention and success of all students and employees.”

3.) “Provide innovative and transformative learning experiences enabling all students and employees to advance inclusive excellence.”

4.) “Communicate to all stakeholders, University of North Florida’s accomplishments, initiatives, and innovations as the university advances inclusive excellence.”

5.) “Lead Northeast Florida in diversity education by establishing and sustaining relationships with businesses and organizations who will partner with the University of North Florida in championing inclusive excellence.”


“We encourage SDS’ C.O.D.I. representative to attend the next C.O.D.I. meeting and to be involved in the upcoming review process of the plan,” stated Meyer.


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