Senate President Saunders announces SG’s move for a paperless Senate

Carter Mudgett, Student Government Reporter

Senate President Saunders announced last week that UNF’s Student Government will be moving towards a greener Senate. Saunders will be going more in-depth about how she plans to achieve this at the Senate meeting later this week, but briefly discussed the announcement within an email:

I have opted to use the money reallocated from Senator Service Contracts to give back to you all, by purchasing iPads for Senators to use during meetings.”

She believes that by moving to an eco-friendly option, it will create a positive change in Student Government. She’d found herself printing unnecessarily large quantities of paper each week for the Senate, only to see it in the trash following meetings. The purchasing of iPads will offer a different way for Senators to take notes and view documents during meetings. 

 Photo by Angus Gray via Unsplash.

Overall, Saunders said that “the end goal is to phase the Legislative Branch out of using paper completely.” 

Spinnaker reached out to UNF’s Environmental Advocacy Reach organization for a comment but received no response.


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