What to get for your graduate

Mally Nichols, Reporter

It’s fairly common for students to receive gifts upon their graduation from college, and it’s also fairly common for these gifts to be impersonal or items that just simply aren’t needed. So, what are some practical gifts to get for your college graduate this semester?

Photo courtesy of Ekaterina Shevchenko.

Let’s start with home goods. Moving out of their college housing and into a new home or apartment is a big step. Helping out with home goods and kitchen supplies is a great option for a graduation gift. 

A good set of bedsheets: College students spend a lot of time sleeping in Twin XL beds, maybe even up to four years of sleeping in Twin XL beds. It’s arguably time for an upgrade. Run to your nearest Bed, Bath, and Beyond and set up your college grad with some silky luxury.

A smart speaker: Maybe we should ask Alexa! Make your grad’s new place feel a little fancier by setting them up with a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo or Google Home. 

Dishes: If they don’t have dishes already, they’re gonna need them. Grab your grad a dish set and some flatware to stock their new place with. Making sure they’re not eating off of paper plates is a good step in the right direction.

Cookware: What good are dishes if you don’t have any cookware to make food with? Pick up the basics: pots, pans, cutting boards, mixing bowls, and the like. This way your grad will have everything they need to succeed in the kitchen.

Cookbook(s): What good are pots and pans if you don’t know how to cook anything? Pick up some nice cookbooks for your grad to help guide them through what to cook for dinner every night. It’s a big world, they’re gonna want to try a bunch of new flavors. 

Coffee Maker: This one is for our Starbucks-addicted grads. Coffee runs in their blood and they’re practically going to want their own barista at home. This is as close as we can get to hiring a personal chef. 


Next up, it’s been two or more long years of having the same old stuff because, hey, what kind of college student can afford anything new? Maybe try taking your graduation gift up a notch by upgrading their tech.

Smartwatch:  Getting into the professional world means definitely having to be places on time. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch or Fitbit Versa 3 are not only going to help them keep track of the time but also have many other useful features for your grad.

Amazon Prime: Keep in mind that your grad is not going to get everything they need out of graduation gifts. There are going to be more necessary supplies, which makes Amazon Prime a great resource. Buy them a subscription so they can get perks and free shipping on items!

New Laptop: Whether your grad is into Mac or PC, they’ve probably had their fair share of liberally abusing the laptop that they already have throughout their years of school. Time for something new. Go grab them a brand new laptop to work with.


Since your grad is approaching the finish line, that means they’re really just approaching the starting line of their career, so first impressions are going to be important. Appearance could make or break an opportunity, so invest in their wardrobe.

Professional clothing: Job interviews are coming up fast and it’s best to look the part. Help your grad by investing in their business attire. Get them a suit or some business professional outfits to choose from.

A wallet or bag: That ragged old purse or wallet that they’ve had since high school probably isn’t going to cut it. Do them a favor by buying them something newer and more presentable.

Nice jewelry: A nice wardrobe is nothing without some accessories. Grab some pretty earrings, bracelets, or maybe even a necklace or two to spruce up an outfit. 


If all else fails and getting a grad gift still seems like the most difficult thing in the world, just stick to the basics. No matter what, college graduates are going to be just fine with receiving money or gift cards. This way, they can use them to buy whatever they need and you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong thing.


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