Student Body President Selma Besirevic appoints Attorney General John Grosso as Acting Student Body Vice President

Carter Mudgett, News Editor

On the heels of numerous resignations within Student Government, Student Body President Selma Besirevic has appointed Attorney General John Grosso to the position of Acting Student Body Vice President. 

The Executive Order, titled EO-21SB-007, names Grosso as the person to “fulfill the vacancy in the office of the Vice President effective immediately, pending his acceptance of the position.”

Courtesy of Student Government.

And accept this role he has. As of this afternoon, Attorney General John Grosso has accepted the role of Acting Vice President. Keep in mind that the Senate must convene to uphold this appointment title of Student Body Vice President. 

“While holding the role of Acting Vice President, seeking appointment, I will promise that all-time served in this role will be service-based. Through my actions, I will be seeking the best interests of the University of North Florida and our students that have elected this administration,” reads Grosso’s letter. 

Courtesy of Student Government. 

Spinnaker has reached out to Student Government for comment and will update when possible. 


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