‘We’ve centralized the graduation experience’: understanding the timeline for the Winter 2021 graduation

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

We are only a few days into November, but the rest of this month will fly by quickly, and soon December will be here. For over one thousand students, that means graduation. Spinnaker met with Colin McKinney, the UNF Commencement Coordinator, for a timeline of events that are crucial for would-be graduates who seek to be finishing their college education this winter.

According to McKinney, the most important date coming up soon is Friday, Nov. 12. That is when precertification ends, and anyone who wants to graduate must apply by then.

“For students to be able to do that, at this point, they have to contact their Academic Advisor.”

McKinney was very adamant about how crucial this is to the precertification process. Advisors can even apply for students, making the process much less strenuous. Your advisor is also there to answer any further questions you may have about the graduation process. The 12th is also the deadline to order your cap and gown, which can be ordered here, along with other commencement items. A cap and gown is strongly encouraged but not required.

As for the graduation ceremony itself, it will be another Graduation Walk like the one that was held for the class of Spring 2021. According to McKinney, the Graduation Walk idea, which was developed due to COVID-19, is effective at creating a more streamlined and intimate graduation ceremony. Up to six guests of the students will have an “up-close and personal view” of the graduating student.

“We’ve centralized the graduation experience.” — Colin McKinney, UNF Commencement Coordinator

Many things stay the same with this Graduation Walk, the one major difference being how many of the speeches are cut down. This removal of speeches and focus on graduates means that no rehearsal is necessary for the proceedings. A zoom Town Hall about the graduation will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

Screenshot of UNF’s digital map, showing the UNF Arena on the right, and the Field house on the left with the blue roof.

The major difference between this Semester’s graduation walk and the ones for Spring and Summer semesters is that it will be held in the UNF Arena(Shown above), with check-in taking place in the adjacent Field House. It will take place on Dec. 17.

McKinney highly recommends that the graduates make sure their mailing addresses are updated in myWings, as their degrees will not post to their transcripts until Jan 20, and the diplomas themselves will not be mailed until January 28.

Additional and future information about graduation can be found on the commencement website.

Congratulations to the Winter class of 2021!


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