SG Update: Budget kicked back to B&A Committee


SG Treasurer Matt Samra and B&A Committee Chair Kyle Nelson recommended the move, which will provide the committee a chance to rectify oversights and allow more time for student input.

“I will openly admit there were several things we did overlook, little things,” Nelson said.

Cuts to office and educational supplies for various departments were cited specifically as areas where changes need to be made.

“These are things people need to operate and need in order to continue to serve the students,” Nelson said.

Nelson praised the students and administrators who expressed interest in the budget process and made their concerns known at the open budget forum Feb. 17 and through e-mail correspondence.

“I commend you all for doing a wonderful job with being concerned with the budget, as this is your budget [and] we are here to serve you,” Nelson said to students in attendance March 1.

Samra reverberated this sentiment.

“It’s definitely a tough job, [but] we do like to hear your input,” Samra said. “It’s hard for 12 or 14 people to allocate money for a whole student body, but we really do appreciate [student input].”

Student involvement in the process assisted him and the committee in discovering the oversights, Samra said.

“It seemed smooth at first,” Samra said of the budget process on which he spent about 50 hours working. “Once you get a balanced budget, you kind of feel a little relieved, but after the forum, there were some things brought to light so [I] just got to go back to work on it.”

Nelson said departmental budget directors and others had “blown up” his e-mail inbox regarding the budget.

He also said that he is in the process of compiling a list of all additional revenue sources from campus budget directors to aid the committee’s decision making.

Samra and the B&A Committee will reconvene Monday, March 8 at 4:30 p.m. in the SG Senate chambers to attempt to work out the kinks in the budget.

Once the budget is finalized for the second time, it will be posted on SG’s Web site,, for public viewing. The final product will then go before the full senate again Monday, March 22 at 6:30 p.m.