Mims given ultimatum: Step down or face impeachment

Attorney General on Mims: “Negligent of your duties as President”

Tiffany Salameh

Face impeachment or remove yourself voluntarily; Those were the two choices Attorney general Jaclyn Glosson gave Student Government President Samantha Mims Oct. 5.


Glosson called Mims “inattentive” and “negligent of her duties as President” in an email sent to SG student and professional staff. Mims made the choice to remove herself from the position, stepping down as Student Government President Monday Oct. 9.

According to Glosson, multiple student government projects have been delayed or halted due to Mims’ inattentiveness. Important relationships outside of student government have also suffered because of Mims negligence to perform her required duties.

“Both professional and student staff, myself included, have voiced their concerns with the hope of compelling you to perform your presidential duties,” Glosson said.

Another problem with Mims’ performance as president, as outlined in the email, was her inability  to communicate with internal SG staff. Glosson said student staff has needed to compensate for Mims due to her inability to communicate and her lack of responsiveness.

“At the beginning of your term, these mistakes were understandable given the high learning curve of your position,” Glosson said. “Now, however, they have accumulated in such a way to adversely affect the UNF student body.”

At the end of the email, Glosson addressed the necessity of Mims’ removal from office and said that the student body and student government are actively suffering. Mims was given until Oct. 9 at 5 p.m. to make a decision to either remove herself from her position or face the “chaotic and dramatic process of impeachment.”

Glosson said in the email that she hoped Mims would leave office voluntarily and work on learning from her mistakes.

Mims’s sent her letter of resignation to the student body at 7 p.m. Monday Oct. 9. You can read her full statement here.


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