Final Fall Meetings: Surprise OP event, vacancies and more

Colin McCann

On Friday, Nov. 17, the committees and Senate met for the last time this semester. In Senate, President Thomas Beaucham appointed Chief of Staff Gloria Turner as VP, which will be voted on during the first Government Oversight Committee meeting next semester.

The Government Oversight (GO) Committee, lead by Chair William Pease, met to discuss and vote on two legislative appointments.

Senator Zoe Burroughs and Senator Sonia Vargas expressed their desire to continue their involvement in SG as senators. Burroughs mentioned she would like to create an initiative to have classrooms rented out as study rooms, and Vargas said she was ready and willing to do as much as she could. Vargas believes SG is an experience that grows skills and confidence.

The committee unanimously forwarded Burroughs and Vargas to senate to be voted on. During senate, they were both approved unanimously and were sworn-in .

The University and Student Affairs (USA) Committee was led by Senate President Nina Lee, who was standing in for Chairwoman Megan Kovac. The committee went over plans for next semester, which includes tackling parking and safety issues.

The Budget and Allocations (B&A) Committee  began with Treasurer Chris Jordan who discussed transfers and scholarships. Jordan said he transferred $3,968.21 from Week of Welcome to Osprey Productions, and $17,500 from Salaries/Facility coordinator to the Wellness Complex on Nov. 9. Jordan also said about 80 people were awarded a Student Affairs International Learning Scholarship (SAILS), and another 20 received SG scholarships. He also said SG will be meeting with Spinnaker on Dec. 8 to discuss Spinnaker’s budget. 

Senator Kelly Smith, Senator Thomas Pluchon, and Senator Kyle Cohen are sworn-in by Mewborne.

Additionally, six reports were given in response to SG fund requests. The groups and individuals presented what they learned and accomplished to the committee and thanked them for their assistance.  

The Constitution and Statutes Committee, led by Senate President Nina Lee, talked about upcoming events and expectations for spring.

Lee mentioned that the committee members have been successful in speaking up and sharing their thoughts concerning the representation of students.

Attorney General Jaclyn Glosson announced that she will be keeping track of senators, ensuring they are doing their job and are in compliance with the constitution and statutes. She also announced that the new Constitution and Statutes has been put on the SG website.

After Glosson pointed out that many senators have resigned or been absent, the committee agreed that more volunteering opportunities, as well as more social events, would get senators more involved and willing to maintain their position.

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Lucy Croft said there will be an event on Monday, Nov. 20 from 9 a.m.. – 2 p.m. in the Student Union. The purpose of the event is to celebrate unity and demonstrate a spirit of Thanksgiving. There will be food, drinks, music, games, giveaways, and numerous activities.

Following public remarks was the Judicial Branch report, presented by William “Cap” Mewborne. According to Mewborne, he is the longest serving student in SG, with almost three years of dedication. However, he addressed Senate for the last time, as he is graduating this semester. Mewborne announced that elections for the Judiciary Branch will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 21 in the Student Union.

Student Advocate Amelia Stark announced that there will be a “safety walk” on Nov. 30, “face lifts” for food locations on campus, and the possible addition of a Panda Express.

Next, Osprey Productions (OP) Director Rachel Bryant said the last chance to volunteer is Friday, Dec. 1, and a “surprise event” will be held on Nov. 28.

Bryant also discussed OP’s request for $15,000, which will go towards the comedy show. The money will be used to hire a well known comedian, as well as an opener. The request was unanimously approved.

President Thomas Beaucham discussed the success of the Lend-a-Wing signing and Tuesday’s open forum. He then discussed concerns about the student’s control over the Lend-a-Wing Pantry, an organization that should be run by students for students, was being threatened.

According to Beaucham, the resolution was created to ensure the pantry continues to offer resources primarily to UNF students and that it remains in the hands of the students. The bill was approved unanimously and was forwarded to President John Delaney.

Senator Vargas and Senator Burroughs, along with other elected and appointed senators, were then sworn-in by Mewborne.

Senate concluded with nominations for Legislative Cabinet Positions. After voting, Senator and CS Committee Vice Chair Thomas Pluchon was sworn-in as Senate President Pro Tempore, Senator Kelly Smith was sworn-in as the B&A Chair, and Senator Kyle Cohen was sworn-in as the GO Chair.


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