Papa John’s replacement discussed during committee meetings

Nolan Hammond

The recently removed Papa John’s in the John A. Delaney Student Union is being replaced with a pizza restaurant called Slice, a made-in-house brand by Chartwells. Further, a Panda Express in the Student Union should be opening next Friday, August 17.

Carly Kramer
Papa John’s in the John A. Delaney Student Union.

UNF’s Space and Auxiliary Oversight Committees met early Wednesday, Aug. 8 to decide on the allocation of academic space and various budgetary requests.

In the Space Committee meeting, Director of Campus Planning, Design & Construction Paul Stewart outlined the tentative schedules and progress reports for planned and in-progress construction projects.

Construction on the Science and Engineering Building is scheduled to begin in October of this year and finish around July 2019.

Construction on UNF’s new downtown campus at the Barnett Building is planned to start at the beginning of next month and be completed by December. The building is planned to be open for classes in January 2019.

Programming and initial discussion has progressed for a 400-student housing project.

The construction of extensions connecting East Ridge Rd. to Varsity Ln. to the north, ECO Rod. to Central Pkwy., and of a multi-use path from St. Johns Bluff to the Central Pkwy. campus entrance is expected to begin this October and be completed in December 2019.

Projects to construct a new student assembly building, support building, and for a College of Computing, Engineering and Construction annex are on hold pending fundraising efforts.

Also discussed was a potential increase to ROTC office space on campus.

In the Auxiliary Oversight meeting, four budgetary requests were quickly approved by members of the Committee.

A request for $39,775 in budget authority for music camps at UNF was also approved. This money will be to pay for Chartwells catering bill as well as wages for staff. A request from the UNF Police Department for $5,500 from a forfeiture fund was approved without opposition.

Additionally, a request for $120,000 in additional spending authority was approved. $50,000 in funds were requested for future SAILS scholarships and $70,000 were reserved for future initiatives from the Office of the Vice President for Student and International Affairs were also approved.

Lastly, the Committee approved a request for additional spending authority of $37,360 from the Tech Fee fund balance to support an increase in the cost of anti-plagiarism software.

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