Student Government responds to Spinnaker article on third-floor paint request

Alex Del Dago, Government reporter

Late Tuesday night, Student Government’s Communications Coordinator, Paige Garcia, released a statement in response to Spinnaker’s previous student government article on the request for $17,282 to repaint the third-floor walls. As stated below:

“In the interest of transparency, Student Government would like to open up about our budget. SG has an Index of funds called The Special Request Index where the Executive and Legislative branches as well as clubs and departments can request money. At the start of the fiscal year, it had $170,000 in it. There is currently over $100,000 in it, which needs to be expended by July 1st or the funds will move into reserves. This year, the executive branch is requesting $17,000 from the Index to paint the interior walls on the third floor of the Student Union building east.

This fund is set aside for the betterment of UNF, including internal projects like building maintenance. This index has previously funded the renovations of the Starbucks Lounge, SU Game Room, and the new Student Union Lounge. Other entities, such as the counseling center, are not traditionally funded through this index.

Since students are charged The Activity and Service Fee, UNF Departments, along with SG, do not fundraise when requesting from The Special Request Index.

Student Government is committed to completing initiatives that better the student body as a whole. This year we have funded library wifi improvements, student lounge renovations, increased seating and shade, subsidized free feminine hygiene products in the library and wellness center, and provided Drink Smart Cards. We are Students Serving Students.”

On the UNF Student Government website it states that special requests “are meant to fund special events and services or projects for students.”

This is an updating story.

The senate will vote on this issue Friday, Jan. 25 at 1 p.m.

*UPDATED: 12:08 p.m.


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