The Senior Showcase of Art and Design

Kristina Smith

Though it was curated at the last minute, the senior showcase at the UNF gallery made for a great afternoon getaway.

Nine seniors presented their capstone projects at a reception thrumming with intrigue. While revelations of art can be elusive, many of the artists had a theme for their pieces. In their artist statements, the students described their creative processes and the significance of their work.

Professor Jason John, who teaches the Fine Arts Senior portfolio course, said that he knows the pain that goes into his students’ work and knows the years it took them to get to where they are.

“It’s a lot of work. But at the end of the day, it’s really gratifying to see all the improvements they’ve made in their work,” John said.

According to John, once the students have completed their projects they have to defend their work before the faculty of Art & Design. From a glimpse of their ceramics, fabrics and paints, it doesn’t appear that these students will have a difficult time in that regard.

One such student is the president of the Art History Society, Jenna Sparrow. Sparrow curated the event along with students from John’s capstone class.

Sparrow’s contribution to the gallery were two pieces about people convicted of crimes related to substance abuse. Her theme involves her own struggles with addiction and alcoholism, but in the future she looks forward to traveling and attending one of the grad schools she’s been accepted into.

Sparrow also encouraged the senior students to stick to their craft.

“Never stop your momentum, keep working just as hard as you’re doing,” Sparrow said.

The senior showcase will be up for a short time. Students (and faculty) who need a break from studying should check out the gallery and be inspired by their peers.

The showcase will be available from April 19 to April 26, so catch it before it’s gone.