Herbal Tea@Ten

Heydi Ortiz, News Editor

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaQr9pNSZ9c[/embedyt]

On Friday morning, the workshop sponsored by the Department of Recreation and Wellness began with a tour of the Ogier Gardens which consisted of eating blueberries, and learning about different herbs used to brew teas. The event ended with a tea party where attendees were able to sample organic teas with herbs they harvested themselves.

“The Ogier Gardens is a community, it’s a very healthy community, it’s outdoors, people are interacting with the plants and nature, and their listening to the birds, and the sunshine. With anxiety and depression and all these things that our generation suffers from I think it’s really important in calming down and reducing that phenomena,” said Mallory Schott, staff leader at the Ogier Gardens.


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