Lady Gaga launches Haus cosmetics

Jessica Volz, Reporter

Lady Gaga witnessed the power that makeup holds and aims to break boundaries in the cosmetic industry by launching Haus Laboratories

As a visionary and an advocate with a celebrity platform, Gaga has the opportunity to influence individuals from all walks of life. The beauty brand reflects her mindset of embodying self-expression, self-love and inclusion for everyone. 

The products can be seen showcased online being worn by a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, races, nationalities, sex, genders and more. Each model touts a cocktail of pigments from metallic gold, greens, and purple curated with edgy black eyeliner to glitter. The models, all different in their way, stand together face forward, all a part of the same circle—inclusive. 

The makeup line is “very bold,” according to multimedia student Crystal Harrison. She admits the celeb is known for “ being extra,” so she wasn’t surprised to see it’s unconventional style. 

Lady Gaga is unapologetic for creating another cosmetic line; she says people must fight for their lives. 

The musician used makeup to find her beauty by inventing the person she wanted to be, channeling her inner ‘superhero.’ The star, formerly known as Stephani Germanotta, was bullied earlier in life. She admits people told her she was weird and she struggled with loving herself inside and out. Gaga’s hit song “Born This Way” tells everyone they’re beautiful in their way, no matter the race, color, sexual orientation, or disability– and her makeup line does as well.

It’s evident she is passionate about promoting self-love and equality in multiple facets of her work– from music to makeup.  

“Her brand is very her,” Harrison said in a final thought. “How she used what shaped her to help influence others.”


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