COVID-19 violations at UNF

Shelby Senesac, News Editor

Although UNF hasn’t had as many students on campus as previous years because of the pandemic, there has still been a large number of students who have violated the university’s protocols and rules regarding COVID-19.

According to UNF’s Dean of Students, Dr. Andrea Adams-Manning, and the Office of Student Conduct, “The Office of Student Accountability and Resolution handled 495 cases with COVID-19 related allegations, although some cases included additional allegations as well.”

UNF’s organizational groups, such as Greek Life, athletics, registered student organizations and clubs, made up 23 of those cases (4.6%). Dr. Adams-Manning and the Office of Student Conduct stated that no one organizational group had a significantly greater amount of violations than another.

So, what exactly happens if a UNF student breaks protocols and rules regarding COVID-19?

“Outcomes related to COVID-19 violations follow our regular student conduct progressive sanctioning approach, but generally will include a focus on public health due to the nature of the violation,” Dr. Adams-Manning and the Office of Student Conduct explained.

Image courtesy of UNF Student Accountability and Resolution / “The Progressive Sanctioning Pyramid. Students can enter the pyramid at any stage, and will generally only move upward through the response stages.” – UNF Student Accountability and Resolution

UNF’s Office of Student Accountability & Resolution states the following on their website:

“The Office of Student Accountability & Resolution (OSAR) utilizes a Progressive Sanctioning approach to address student incidents. This means a student’s behavior will be addressed through outcomes and sanctions directly related to the incident; however, a student with numerous violations will move on to more serious outcomes and sanctions with repeated violations.”

To learn more about the progressive sanctioning approach and/or examples of specific sanctions, visit the Student Conduct website.

UNF’s policies and regulations regarding COVID-19 can be found here.


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