Disney and Universal update their mask guidelines

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

Last week the CDC announced updated mask guidelines, including the anticipated recommendation that vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask outside. Following this announcement, the two most iconic theme park industry titans, Universal and Disney, announced updates to their own mask requirements for their flagship Florida resorts.

The Magic Kingdom Park and Monorail / Photo by Nathan Turoff

The main takeaway at both resorts is that masks are still required at all indoor locations, including attractions and transportation, while being optional outdoors. However, these new rules remain independent of the vaccination status of the individual guest.

This comes after over a year of COVID-19 precautions being implemented at both parks in Florida. These include, but are not limited to, pausing of construction projects, limited capacity, ride closures, and reduced entertainment options, along with the standard ones like mask requirements and social distancing. 

Sign at the Walt Disney World Resort, reminding guests to practice “physical” distancing / Photo by Nathan Turoff

Interestingly, Disney has advocated for what they are calling “physical distancing,” as opposed to “social distancing.” While the name is different, they are in essence the exact same thing. The reasoning behind the new name remains unknown.

The pandemic had also closed both of their resorts in California, which, unlike their Florida counterparts, didn’t reopen until over a year later. Hopefully, this is a beginning to an end of the quarantine and a return to normalcy for the world’s premier vacation destinations.


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