UNF sees large increase in COVID Cases

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

UNF has seen a massive increase in COVID cases. Last week, there were over twice as many cases compared to the previous week

Screenshot from Emergency Cases UNF website.

There was an increase in cases among off-campus students, on-campus students, and employees. Only one more on-campus case existed after last week, and only four more employee cases. The largest group that saw an increase in COVID cases were students living off-campus. Previously, only seven off-campus students contracted COVID, but that number was four times as large last week, with 31 total cases.

Visualization of UNF COVID cases throughout the month of August, compiled by Nathan Turoff

This comes as many UNF faculty are terrified about being back in their classrooms amidst the resurging pandemic. A judge recently struck down Gov. Desantis’s anti-mask executive order, but UNF still has not made masks required indoors at the time of writing.

Time will tell if these increasing cases will be enough to convince the administration to take further steps to protect the UNF community, and Spinnaker will update you if they do.


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