UNF’s overall COVID cases remain constant, on-campus cases increase

Once again, UNF saw a total of 46 reported cases of COVID-19 going into the new month. Of these total cases, 40 were students.  However, there were 18 cases from on-campus students, up from 10 on-campus cases the previous week.

Screenshot of UNF’s Aug. COVID-19 cases. Courtesy of Emergency Management site. 

Following this trend, employees were also hit with an increase of cases, up from five cases to six. Little improvement is shown between the past two weeks, totaling 92 cases in such a short period of time.

The number of off-campus cases slightly decreased, from 31 to 22 cases. The total number of cases stayed the same because the increases in on-campus students and employee cases canceled out the decrease.

These results show an increase of cases from both students on and off-campus, which many see as the result of some students not adhering to campus mask guidelines or social distancing standards. After the CDC warned against unvaccinated people traveling during Labor Day weekend, cases may very well continue to rise. 

See the complete documentation of COVID-19 cases at UNF here

Spinnaker will continue to report on the changes of COVID-19 cases in the coming weeks and update as necessary. 


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