UNF responds to Tumeo lawsuit claims

Heydi Ortiz, Police Reporter

UNF’s Board of Trustees responded to the complaint filed by Mark Tumeo, a former dean of the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction, who resigned on Oct. 3 and is currently suing the Board of Trustees of UNF.

Tumeo’s complaint entails his resignation which was involuntarily given by Pamela Challey who allegedly permitted him “three minutes” to resign.

According to the BOT, “Tumeo failed to file a grievance within the applicable time limits in UNF’s grievance procedure”, therefore, waiving his right to relief.

UNF’s response to the claim goes on to say that by waiting two weeks to rescind his resignation from employment at UNF, Tumeo asserted that his resignation was not coerced.

According to the complaint, Tumeo requested to be reinstated as a tenured faculty member which was denied by UNF, along with payment for lost wages, benefits and attorney’s fees, and a judgement stating that the Oct. 3 resignation email to Pamela Challey was coerced and involuntarily given.

In the answer to the complaint filed by Tumeo, UNF denied any unlawful conduct in connection with Tumeo’s separation from UNF employment and said that lost wages and benefits were to be offset by wages and benefits Tumeo received after his resignation.

The Board of Trustees of UNF has requested judgement in their favor along with any relief the court deems necessary.

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