Police beat: weed in a suitcase, stolen wallet and fighting in the dorms

Alexander Bowman, Police Reporter

Weed found in a suitcase

A UNF student who is a resident at The Village hid marijuana in her suitcase and was caught by UPD on Oct. 8, according to a police report.

An officer was dispatched to The Village in reference to a drug complaint, where the officer met with several individuals who were responsible for tipping UPD off. After meeting with the individuals, the officer, accompanied by an RA and an RLC, proceeded to investigate the room associated with the complaint. 

Once they arrived at the room, they knocked and were met by the suspect’s roommate who said the suspect was in the bathroom. Once the suspect was out of the bathroom, the officer told her why they were there and asked for permission to search her room for drugs. She gave them verbal consent and stated she didn’t possess any drugs.

The officer proceeded to search the room found several marijuana-related items in the suitcase beneath her bed including a jar of marijuana and a marijuana grinder. 

After the search, the officer advised the suspect of her rights and she admitted to owning the drugs.

The officer recommended that the case be sent to student conduct.

A wallet stolen from someone’s purse

An unknown suspect stole a wallet directly out of a woman’s purse in the Social Sciences building on Oct. 8, according to a police report.

An officer was dispatched to the Social Sciences building in reference to the theft and met with the victim who said she had left her office for approximately 5 minutes and hadn’t locked the door. When she returned, she noticed an unknown male leaving her office. The victim said that she was caught off guard and yelled “Hey!” to which the suspect replied “What?” The victim said this incident happened very quickly and she was distracted by the suspect waving paper fans as well as singing to himself as he walked away quickly.

The victim then entered her office and found that her wallet — which contained her driver’s license, cash and other items — was missing. 

There were no witnesses to the incident and no video surveillance of the area.

Fighting in a dorm lounge

An Osprey Fountains resident violently got back at his roommate for throwing away his tobacco on Oct. 7, resulting in relocation, according to a police report.

A UNFPD officer was dispatched to the Osprey Fountains in reference to a dispute among residents. When the officer arrived, they met with two RAs as well as two residents who were witnesses/victims to the incident. The residents said they had witnessed another resident being shoved and pushed by his roommate in the lounge near their rooms.

The officer then proceeded to talk to the victim,who said this all started when he was preparing his meal one day but the suspect’s tobacco cans were on the counter. The victim then proceeded to throw the cans away in order to clear the counter. Later, the suspect returned to the dorm to find his tobacco missing. He then found the victim in the lounge and asked where his tobacco was, and the victim replied saying he had thrown them away. The witnesses said the suspect got very angry after hearing this and shoved the victim to the ground. The victim was left with visible abrasions to his elbows and tailbone. He also stated that he had a knot on his head.

After shoving his roommate to the floor, the suspect returned to their dorm and poured out all the victim’s shampoo and toothpaste, likely as payback for the tobacco being thrown away. Then, he returned to the lounge and grabbed the shirt of one of the witnesses (victim 2), pushed him against the wall, and said, “You are just a 100 lb. p*ssy and I could totally break your neck right now.” After this, the suspect left the Fountains.

The two victims don’t want to press charges at this time, according to the report.

On Oct. 8, the officer was able to meet with the suspect to hear his side of the story. The suspect said in the weeks prior, he had set three cans of tobacco on the counter in the dorm which went missing. After noticing they were missing, he had asked his roommate ( victim 1 of the above incident), who went into his private room and returned with the cans. 

The suspect said on Oct. 7, he had returned to the dorm to find the cans he had left on the counter missing and proceeded to find and ask his roommate where they were. The suspect admitted to getting very angry when he heard that his roommate had thrown away the tobacco. He also admitted to pushing his roommate to the ground.

The officer told the suspect that the next time he has an issue with his roommates, he should report it to an RA or an RLC instead of taking matters into his own hands.

The suspect has been relocated to another dorm until further notice, according to the report.


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