Steele leads the pack

Catherine Cavallo, Sports Anchor

Featured image courtesy of UNF Athletics

Montana native, Sydnie Steele, came to UNF to escape the cold weather and to run track. Three years later, Steele is UNF’s first ever Student Leader of the Month.


The Student Leader of the Month came about through a partnership between UNF Athletics and the Taylor Leadership Institute. It is meant to recognize athletes for their accomplishments outside of their sports.  

“The honor of being the first ever Student Leader of the Month is more than I can describe,” Steele said. “I always push myself to be the best in everything I do and the fact that it gets recognized both on campus and off campus is a blessing.” 

Apart from being an athlete, Steele is also a full-time student, a CAMP Osprey mentor and an FBI intern.

While Steele started college as a business major, she realized that business was not her path and switched her major to criminology. Eager to explore her future field, Steele applied for an internship with the FBI and got in. In her internship, she does a lot of case work and helps the agents do their daily jobs.

“We’re not just getting coffee and copying papers,” Steele said. “We’re actually doing case work that the agents use in their cases.”

Steele balances all of her roles through organization. Her biggest support systems are her teammates, her coaches, and her parents whom help her stay organized everyday. 

“In the little down time I have I sleep a lot and pretty much just do homework since that’s kind of my life but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Steele said. 


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