Resident Evil 3 remake review

Erik Feliciano , General Assignment Reporter

Resident Evil 3 remake follows S.T.A.R.S officer Jill Valentine as she returns home to Racoon City after the events that took place in the Spencer Mansion, in the first Resident Evil. In Resident Evil 3 you fight your way out of Racoon City, through hordes of zombies, and encounter the ever-lurking Nemesis.

Through the game, you also meet up with Umbrella operative Carlos Oliveira, who you’re also able to take control of. Both characters have their own quirks. For instance, when you execute a perfect dodge, time slows down allowing you to do a good amount of damage on your enemies while Carlos will execute a haymaker, making enemies fall over to give you an easy shot.

Unfortunately, Resident Evil 3 takes aspects of the original and manages to cut too much of the fat and meat, making it a lean experience and more of a tour of Resident Evil 3 as opposed to a one to one remake. Each moment that you would expect to hit hard doesn’t have that impact and instead of spending that extra time to flesh something out, it speeds off to the next moment.

On top of cut content, the game will not take you too long to beat. A non-rushed playthrough could net you about 6 hours to complete a playthrough. Although the time is unfortunate, there are challenges to beat to acquire points that gain extra weapons, skins, and other goodies. While doing these challenges, they’ll make it easy to do lighting fast speedruns. So while the game is short, it does offer multiple playthroughs.

Nemesis’s encounters in the Remake, while terrifying at first, soon become lackluster as he’s reduced to a very scripted enemy having very few appearances. While the Tyrant in Resident Evil 2 was an ever-present threat that the player had to be cautious of, Nemesis is a monster that doesn’t feel monstrous at all. The threat of always having to worry about him pouncing on you isn’t there and you soon find yourself speeding through the game even on a first playthrough. 

One thing that the remake did keep true from the original game is each time you  down the Nemesis, he’ll drop loot like weapon parts or ammunition.

The Resident Evil 3 remake is a fine game, but does have some drawbacks. Resident Evil 3 Remake is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 


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